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“Nobody at Lego is measured on sales because the most important thing is that kids and retailers return for more in future.”Jorgen Knudstorp, CEO Lego
Published By: Preethi Dhanashekaran
Date: 30th of August 2018
All of us at some point in our childhood would have played with Lego blocks and enjoyed it very much. Here we share 5 most surprising facts about Lego.
1. Memory Lane Vault
Lego has a special underground vault that houses every design of Lego set they’ve ever made in their history. They call this vault the memory lane where all the sets arranged sorted by the year of their make. The memory lane has about 4700 sets. The environment is under controlled temperature, humidity and is fire proof.
2. Tallest Lego, 114 Feet
 The world’s tallest Lego structure built in Delaware, was as high as 114’. It constituted about half a million Lego blocks and was a collective attempt by the neighbourhood and was even recorded in the Guinness book of world records. The Lego blocks average to a production of 45 billion blocks a year.
3. Redesign with Hollow to Prevent Choking
Designers at the Lego after becoming aware of the choking accidents redesigned their toys like the Lego heads being the most noticeable as it was a little larger than before and was made hollow so that it could act like a straw, saving child from choking.
4. Lego Used as A Currency to Buy Drugs
Thieves have been the biggest fans of Lego with the reason of their high resalable value as their durability is high. The Lego crime rate has gone so high that on 2014, 4 drug dealers at Arizona was arrested after confiscating about 200000 sets of Legos stored. On investigation it was found out that the dealers were using Lego toys as currency in exchange to the drugs they were dealing.
5. Lego Solved an Unsolved Murder Case
In 1991, a woman was killed in her own home at Salt Lake. No murder weapon or evidence was found which made it hard to solve. But in 2013, the case was reopened. The improved technology helped the police to find finger prints of the murderer on Lego toys spotted in the scene as evidence as he attempted to play Lego with the lady’s son before he went on to commit the crime. In the DNA traced from the Lego, it was revealed that the murderer was at that time a death row inmate in another state.