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5 Reasons To Meet Desmond Chong! 🤩 | News

Published By: Andy Cheong
Date: 16th of October 2018

Meet Desmond Chong 😁

He is one of the official Introducing Broker in AUSFOREX! Not just that, he is also a licenced pharmacist by profession & a forex trader too so, keep reading and we’ll tell you why you should meet him…

1. His background..

The youngest President of Wealth Academy Investors Inner Circle Club, which has present in 5 ASEAN countries.

2. Expertise💡

Mr Desmond Chong specialises in technical analysis for financial, stock, commodity market & Forex forecasting.

3. He is also…

The founder of Koperasi Konsultansi Kewangan Berhad which focuses on providing financial education to it’s members.

4. What Else? 💭

Mr Desmond Chong is a graduate from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow with a Master in Pharmacy from which he is a licensed pharmacist by profession. Despite that, he has chosen a completely different path from his profession to embark on a trading journey.
He is exceptionally well respected by various groups of corporate leaders, professionals and members, not only for his persistence trading track record and growing portfolio but also for being a kind and generous person who is willing to share his secrets of being a successful trader.

5. Get in touch with Desmond to receive FREE technique video 🤩

Getting in touch with Desmond has made easy. Just click onto this link and you will communicate directly with him through the Telegram app. There, he will share with you the technique template video (as shown below) that was produced by Taqwim and recommended by Desmond for forex trading activities.

All these for F R E E, no additional or hidden charges.
This is for a limited time only so hurry up! 😍