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Published By: AUSFOREX Broker
Date: 14th of September 2018

Wonder what these short forms or abbreviations stands for in trading? Here we wrapped up for your reference:

Alphabet (N – R)

Alphabet: N
NASDAQ =National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation
NBP = Negative Balance Protection
NDA = Non-Disclosure Agreements
NDD = No Dealing Desk
NFA = National Futures Association
NFP = Non-Farm Payroll
NYSE = New York Stock Exchange
NZD = New Zealand Dollar
Alphabet: O
OCO = One-Cancels-the-Other
OHLC = Open, High, Low, Close
OTC = Over-the-Counter
Alphabet: P
PA = Price Action
P&F = Point & Figure
PIP =Price Interest Point / Performance Index Paper
P&L = Profit and Loss
PP = Pivot Point
PPI = Producer Price Index
PPZ = Price Pivot Zone
PSAR = Parabolic Stop and Reversal
Alphabet: R
R/R = Risk/Reward
RSI = Relative Strength Index
RVI = Relative Vigor Index
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