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Published By: AUSFOREX Broker
Date: 14th of September 2018

Wonder what these short forms or abbreviations stands for in trading? Here we wrapped up for your reference:

Alphabet (S – Z)

Alphabet: S
SAR = Stop and Reversal
SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission
SL = Stop Loss
SMA = Simple Moving Average
SNB = Swiss National Bank
SNNA = Smoothed Moving Average
S&P = Standard & Poor’s
S/R = Support/Resistance
Stoch = Stochastic Oscillator
STP = Straight Through Processing
Alphabet: T
TA = Technical Analysis
TF = Time Frame
TL = Trend Line
TP = Take Profit
TS = Trailing Stop
TSI = True Strength Index
Alphabet: U
USD = United States Dollar
USDX = United States Dollar Index
Alphabet: V
VWAP = Volume Weighted Average Price
Alphabet: W
WB = World Bank
Alphabet: X
XAG = Silver
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